New Comics Day Preview | April 9th

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New Comics Day Preview | April 9th

Wednesday April 9th

Wednesday is nearly upon us which means it’s nearly new comics day, so it’s time to take a look at three new and noteworthy additions to your pull list. Here are my picks for the Wednesday 9th of April.

New This Week.

On The List.

All New Ghost Rider #1 took the story in a different direction for a younger, street-wise audience. Robbie Reyes is a good kid looking out for his disabled brother Gabe. Taking his chances as a street racer by night Robbie finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time and his life is about to take a whole new turn as the Ghost Rider. It’s cars, not bikes. It’s a little Fast and Furious with a hint of anime thrown in.

All New Ghost Rider #2: “ENGINES OF VENGEANCE” PART 2 • ROBBIE REYES has been given a new awesome power but can the teen handle it or will it drive him to a path of destruction? • Who owns the HAUNTED RACE CAR and what will they do to get it back? • What are the PINK PILLS and who is behind their creation?

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Graphic Novel.

DR. Grordbort Presents Triumph: Since the first word was inscribed onto parchment, man has searched for tomes that lift the lid on the inner machinations of the human condition and reveal truths about humanity and its place in the universe – there are books that teach, books that inspire and books that offer a glimpse into our very souls. Triumph, on the other hand, is full of violence, bad language, interplanetary racism and a little sprinkling of smut… but you get what you pay for.

Available on April 15th from (Though at present the website is rather lacking in updates)

Check out all of this week’s new comics at

What’s on your pull list this week?


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