New Death Note one-shot is available to read online for free now

New Death Note one-shot is available to read online for free now

Last month we reported that a new chapter of the popular manga, ‘Death Note’, would be published in February. It’s available to read in English now.

Original ‘Death Note’ creators Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata have published a brand new chapter to the series that ended in May 2006.

Written by Ohba and illustrated by Obata, a new 87 page one-shot adds a new chapter to the story. Once again the demon (Shinigami), Ryuk returns to Earth with a hunger for apples. With him comes the ‘Death Note’. A notebook that carries with it a specific set of rules.

The owner of the Death Note has the power to kill anyone whose name they know and whose face they have seen, simply by writing the name in the book. If a cause of death is specified within a set time, it will happen. If a scenario of the death is written, it too will happen. If no information is provided the victim will die of a heart attack.

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The original series followed the story of Light Yagami who, under the pseudonym ‘Kira’, used the book to kill anyone he deemed unworthy.

This new chapter finds Ryuk seeking out a new recipient of the book. Someone smart and capable of using it for a long time. But what the demon doesn’t anticipate is that the recipient might seek to sell the Death Note and the power it brings. Enter Donald Trump…

Manga fans can read this new chapter of the story for free online, translated into English. Visit

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