New from Undone. A Flash watch that won’t run fast.

New from Undone. A Flash watch that won’t run fast.

Undone present a minimalist design that pays poetic tribute to DC Comics favourite, The Flash.

Undone’s ‘Flash: Into the Void’ timepiece is the latest addition to their DC Comics character range which includes the publishing company’s most iconic characters. In April we reported on a watch that could decrypt Kryptonian. Now it’s the turn of Barry Allen aka The Flash.

A sleek black design is contrasted by a shock of yellow. The seconds hand is styled to represent a lightning bolt. A symbol synonymous with The Flash.

Each watch comes with a stainless steel housing PDA coated in satin black. The watch face is similarly dark as “an ode to the man who could run so fast, all of Sound, Light and measurable time becomes irrelevant“. Minimalist indices and a subtle Flash logo are visible too.

Watches are waterproof to 100m and feature a ghost-arrow bezel which is smooth, bi-directional and silent. The rear of the watch reveals the inner workings. These are overlaid with the DC logo featuring an image of the Flash himself. A woven wrist band continues the dark theme.

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‘Flash: Into the Void’ watches are available to buy now via the Undone website retailing at £310.00 each.

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