A New Lease Of Life for A Nintendo Power Glove!

A New Lease Of Life for A Nintendo Power Glove!

The ultimate control system, the Nintendo Power Glove has returned! An animator has devised a new lease of life for an old Power Glove, turning it into a useful stop motion animation tool.

Okay, there was a little fibbing in that headline. The Nintendo Power Glove was a critical and commercial failure for Nintendo when it was released back in 1989. In conjunction with a set of sensors you placed around your television, the NES was supposed to be able to work out your hand movements and allow you to control games in a new and unique way. Unfortunately it didn’t really work that well.┬áThink of it as a Wii but ahead of its time before the technology was ready.

But this little piece of retro gaming history lives on with a new lease of life in the hands of Dillon Markey, a stop motion animator for the popular television show, Robot Chicken.


Playing with Power from Ava Benjamin on Vimeo.

Thanks to io9 for the original story.

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