A New Live Action Star Wars Series Being Written By Jon Favreau

A New Live Action Star Wars Series Being Written By Jon Favreau

Star Wars is breaking loose from the cinema with the news that Disney ‘go to’ man, Jon Favreau, is creating a new televisions series set in a galaxy far, far away.

Jon Favreau’s career permeates modern pop-culture entertainment in both film and television. Probably more so than many realise. As a producer he’s involved with blockbuster movies like ‘The Avengers’ and ‘The Jungle Book’ and televisions shows that include seth MacFarlane’s ‘The Orville’ and ‘Big Bang Theory’ spin-off ‘Young Sheldon’.

As a director most acknowledge that it was Favreau that got Marvel Studio’s first phase of movies off to a great start with ‘Iron Man’. He’s also working on Disney’s ‘The Lion King’, a live-action adaptation of their hugely successful animated film. This is off the back of ‘The Jungle Book’ and a forthcoming sequel.

First and foremost though, Jon Favreau is an actor who’s become a regular in the Marvel films as Tony Stark’s assistant ‘Happy’ Hogan. He’s voiced the character¬†Pre Vizsla in ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ and will appear in ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’.

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It’s safe to say then that Disney trusts this guy across it’s biggest franchises, and it’s probably for this reason that Favreau has been charged with creating a television first.

Lucasfilm has revealed that a long anticipated live-action Star Wars television series is being produced and written by Disney’s go to man.

Whilst there’s no denying Favreau’s pedigree Variety reports on a backlash from fans on twitter. Not against the likeable actor/director/producer as such, more against Lucasfilm who appear to hold a policy of only hiring straight, white men to lead their high profile projects.

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