Niantic made almost $800 Million from Pokémon GO in 2018

Niantic made almost $800 Million from Pokémon GO in 2018

Niantic’s augmented reality phenomenon is still going strong after more than two years and proves to be hugely profitable.

If there’s one thing Niantic have done well, it’s keeping players engaged with Pokémon GO. More than two years after the game’s July 2016 release the company have reaped the rewards of their labour with an impressive $795 million made in 2018.

Niantic have realised that in order to maintain player’s interest they need to provide a steady stream of events and tasks to complete. Monthly community days have proven to be popular with regular players. Each event day encourages trainers to gather en masse for three hours each month in search of rare shiny Pokémon.

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All of these factors have resulted in Pokémon GO maintaining a loyal core of users, and those that are serious about the game are generating profit for Niantic through in-game microtransactions. Impressive since it is easily possible to play the game without paying for anything.

As a player myself living in a major city, it’s inconceivable that I’ll run out of Pokéballs or need to purchase rudimentary items required to play. Pokéstops where these items are readily available are frequent in number.

It’s more likely that items like incubators or raid pass transactions are contributing to Niantic’s significant windfall. That, and the frivolous items of clothing or accessories available for avatars.

Whichever it is, it’s a clear indicator that Pokémon GO’s core users feel that their purchases are worth making, and that they believe that the investment in the game is worthwhile. Suggesting a long-term commitment to playing.

Good news for Niantic who have now made $2.2 billion from Pokémon GO since it’s debut in 2016.

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