Nike create a gaming Blazer 77 that are better with the lights off

Nike create a gaming Blazer 77 that are better with the lights off

Nike are releasing a version of their classic Blazer 77 silhouette with a bold rave/retro gamer theme. “Have a Good Game”.

Aimed squarely at the gaming market, Nike’s new iteration of the Blazer Mid 77 channels all kinds of retro themes with an element of rave culture thrown in too.

This predominantly white sneaker is packed with details that tie into the world of gaming. A large pixelated swoosh down either side will appeal to those who prefer their gaming on the retro side. “Have A Good Game” is stamped under the swoosh on the outer edge of each shoe just above a sole bursting with colour.

The heels come with interchangeable Velcro patches, one depicts a pixelated heart and the Nike logo, the other a smiley face, where the smile is a swoosh, wearing a gaming headset. Styling on the tongues is reminiscent of that of the mid-to-late eighties.

Bold as they may be during the day, these Blazers have a party trick. Turn out the lights and these babies glow in the dark. Nike swooshes and “Just Do It” repeat across the shoes. Absolutely perfect for a rave. Just add glow sticks.

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Nike‘s Blazer Mid 77 – “Have A Good Game” are expected to drop this Autumn.

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