Nintendo Announce That Mario Kart Is Coming To Mobile Devices

Nintendo Announce That Mario Kart Is Coming To Mobile Devices

Nintendo reveals that Mario Kart Tour is being developed for mobile devices and answer this gamers prayers.

Since its initial release on iOS devices in December 2016, and subsequent debut on Android the following March, ‘Super Mario Run’ has divided opinion. Starring their infamous mascot, the game marked Nintendo’s debut into the world of gaming on mobile platforms.

Despite coming with a premium price, I was – and still am, a big fan of ‘Super Mario Run’ which bucked the trend for character based infinite runners and instead provided us with a colourful, fun, level-based platformer in the palm of your hand.

So enthused was I by ‘Super Mario Run’ that I had one request, “Mario Kart next please Nintendo“. And it seems my prayers have been answered.

Mario Kart Tour Logo

Details are vague at this time as Nintendo of America announced via twitter that Mario Kart Tour is in development and should drop onto mobile phones and tablets by the end of this fiscal year (March 2019).

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The news has sparked much speculation across the interweb regarding specifics of the game. Perhaps the most pondered aspect is gameplay. Personally I’d like to see something along the lines of the original NES and SNES versions of the games.

Tracks with themes based on landmarks from around the globe would fit with the ‘Tour’ portion of the game’s title. The mechanics of the game would work in much the same way as any number of mobile racers. Tilt to steer, tap to break with acceleration as a constant.

Another significant topic of conversation is how Nintendo will price the game. Whilst I admired their approach to paying a one-time fee for a complete game and would love the same principle to apply to ‘Mario Kart Tour’, it hasn’t really proven to be as profitable as games with in app purchases. Most likely Nintendo will provide a basic game for free with additional tracks, characters and power-ups coming at an additional cost.

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We’ll await further news on ‘Mario Kart Tour’, in the meantime Nintendo broke the news that a Mario film is also in the pipeline (plumbing joke) in collaboration with Illumination, the animation studio behind the ‘Despicable Me’ and ‘Minion’ movies.

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