Nintendo Are Bringing Back The NES Classic

Nintendo Are Bringing Back The NES Classic

Nintendo are bringing back the NES Classic in 2018 and promise to continue production of the SNES Mini too!

The break-up. Nintendo tore our hearts out in April by announcing that they were ceasing production of their highly sought after NES Classic.

The make-up. Then came the news that surprised no one. The Classic Super Nintendo Mini would hit stores in September, and we all pretty much forgave the Japan gaming giant.

Then they all sold out in a few hours and we felt cheated again.

But good news, gamers – the abusive relationship we have with Nintendo is on the upswing again as the company announced on twitter this week that they will be continuing production of the SNES Mini with stock supplied to Europe throughout 2018.


Even better news! The NES Classic will return to our fair shores in the summer!

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Now we’ve forgotten that Nintendo slept with our best friend, poisoned the fish tank, shit in our bed and… you get the point. We’re pleased by this news.

Source: Kotaku

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