Nintendo Game & Watch gets a 2020 upgrade

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Nintendo Game & Watch gets a 2020 upgrade

Nintendo’s very first portable game is getting a updated re-issue to celebrate 35 years of Super Mario Bros.

Game & Watch is getting a beefy upgrade. First released in 1980, Nintendo have announced that their first portable gaming unit will be re-issued in 2020 as a Super Mario Bros. themed collectable.

The miniature handheld will feature a full colour display, a gold face-plate with ‘Super Mario Bros.’ written above the screen, an updated control pad and comes loaded with three games. Naturally there’s the NES classic ‘Super Mario Bros.’, ‘Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels’ and a Mario themed version of ‘Ball’.

‘Ball’ was the very first Game & Watch device released in 1980. By 1982 Donkey Kong saw the introduction of Mario in his earliest form. The unit also featured the first instance of a cross-shaped directional control, now commonplace on controllers.

Whilst the original Game & Watch devices relied on small cell batteries, the 2020 version will come with a USB C rechargeable battery offering up to eight hours of game-play.

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Just like the original Game & Watch, when not in use as a gaming device, the unit will double as a clock featuring special Mario themed animations.

This Super Mario Bros. 35th anniversary edition Game & Watch will be released on November 13th at a cost of $50. Keep an eye on the Nintendo online store for pre-orders.

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