Nintendo Super Mario Bros. rarities go to auction

Nintendo Super Mario Bros. rarities go to auction

An original, boxed copy of Super Mario Bros. and a ‘Left Bros’ copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 are highlights of the auction.

It certainly is a time in my life that I wish I was a multi-millionaire. On top of a $225,000 Star Wars figurine and an original K.I.T.T from Knight Rider hitting auction sites in the last week comes this incredible lot of Super Mario Bros. games.

Covering Nintendo consoles from the NES to the Wii, each title holds some historic significance and/or comes boxed, sealed and highly rated by WATA. Two items in particular are expected to attract high bids.

One of two original copies of Super Mario Bros. in the auction lot, this item comes with a WATA rating of 9.4 A+.

It’s boxed, sealed and virtually pristine. Making it desirable for collectors is that the packaging comes with a cardboard hanging tab indicating that this is an early US test market copy of the game. Later packaging would be updated with plastic tabs.

At the time of writing the item has four days left before the auction closes and has already attracted a top bid of $35,000 ($42,000 with buyers premium).

Second is the infamous ‘Left Bros.’ version of Super Mario Bros. 3 gets it’s name from the placement of the word ‘Bros’.

Only the earliest versions of the game came with ‘Bros.’ justified to the left slightly obscuring Mario’s hand. Future copies saw the word moved to the right so as not to cover the titular character.

A boxed ‘Left Bros.’ version, in good condition, will command $5,000+ at auction. To find one that is boxed and sealed is rare. This item comes with a 90 A WATA rating. At the time of writing bidding sits at $21,000 ($25,200 with buyers premium).

Bidding closes on the 10th July. For more information and to view the entire lot visit Heritage Auctions.

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