Those Nintendo x Vans? Word On The Street Is They Drop Tomorrow

Those Nintendo x Vans? Word On The Street Is They Drop Tomorrow

Nintendo and Vans team up to release a cool set of retro-themed shoes, and they’re available from Friday!

For many years, artists have been purchasing Converse or Vans and customising them with their own designs. Search Etsy and you’ll find many sporting Nintendo gaming as a theme.

Now Nintendo has joined forces with skateboarding brand Vans to release an official set of gaming inspired footwear ready for you to flaunt this Summer. The designs include classic Nintendo themes such as Mario, Princess Peach and Donkey Kong.

This photo and lead image credit: Edgar Alvarez, Engadget

This photo and lead image credit: Edgar Alvarez, Engadget

If, like us, you pre-registered to pre-order the shoes over at the UK Vans site you’re probably eagerly awaiting a notification to drop into your inbox with baited breath. The American site is also taking email addresses so they can notify you as soon as they become available too. However, Engadget reports that the shoes will be available online (and for a short time only) from tomorrow, Friday the 3rd June.

What’s more the site showcases an extensive gallery of images showing the footwear for all ages, male and female, as well as an assortment of themed clothing and accessories too. Even the box some of the shoes come in is a thing of beauty – based on an NES console.

You can see eight designs in the slideshow below but Engadget also reports that there are thirteen in the range to choose from. Now you just need to fake a doctor’s appointment and get online until they drop.

Shoe prices vary from $37 and $70. That’s around £26 to £49 as a conversion at today’s exchange rate – bet that they’ll actually be more here in blighty with a likely literal conversion starting at £37.


Early access for subscribers has indeed been opened up today, 24  hours before general release. It doesn’t look like the full range is available yet but but there are plenty of cool designs and accessories to choose from. Mine are ordered and paid for. [Editor Will]

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