Noah23 | Unicorn EP

Noah23 | Unicorn EP

What does a five track EP dedicated to the mystic power of the unicorn sound like? Probably a lot like Noah23 and S.A.T. teaming up for a dreamy collaboration.

Vocalist Noah23 and producer Space Age Technology aka S.A.T. have united to bring about a five track EP they describe as having ‘a dreamy shoegaze vibe’. It’s an accurate description and perfectly sums up what you’d expect from a release dedicated to the mystical power of the unicorn.

Deep mysteries surround the Unicorn, veiled in the misty glow of the forest, her energy beckons you, telepathically she communicates to you. An invitation to explore the true meaning of your life, transcendent illumination…. a glimpse at your destiny awaits when the Unicorn appears…..

Unicorn EP is a mix of ambient electronica with vocals that blend a modern autotune R&B style with haunting new-age undertones. The sound is uncommon to say the least lending itself to moments of self reflection and best enjoyed through headphones to add to the sensory atmospherics.

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The Unicorn EP is available as a digital download now for $5 via bandcamp.

[bandcamp width=640 height=640 album=169141186 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=2ebd35 minimal=true]

About Noah23 |¬†Noah23 is an international Hip Hop phenomenon and Synchromystic Technoshaman who has been rapping since the mid 90s. He was born in Natchez Mississippi and grew up amongst the indie hotbed of Guelph Ontario Canada. He has performed and sold records independently across the world and recorded over 30 mixtapes, projects and albums. In the late 90’s Noah started the highly regarded Plague Language label which released music from a diverse roster of artists.

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