Now YOU Can Ride TRON’s Light Cycles!

Now YOU Can Ride TRON’s Light Cycles!

A new theme park attraction opening in June 2016 will allow you to ride on a light cycle from the Tron universe!

Tron has had a rough ride with Disney. The original film wasn’t a huge success but became a cult favourite. It’s sequel, Tron: Legacy received mixed reviews and probably didn’t restart the franchise as much as Disney would’ve liked.

The brilliant animated series Tron: Uprising only ran for one season and plans for a third live action film were shelved before filming could begin.

However, Disney obviously still acknowledge that there is a fondness for all things Tron and this shows in their new Shanghai Disney Resort due to open in June of 2016.

Situated in the Tomorrowland section of the park, Tron Light Cycle Power Run allows users to mount a full-size recreation of the classic sci-fi vehicle and with others, embark on an exciting roller coaster type ride.

From the video, you’ll see that the ride looks slower than normal roller coasters and this is due to the way you are held to the bike via a plastic brace from behind. It’s simply not safe for the ride to go any faster.

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The entire ride has been enclosed with a special canopy covered in a translucent material, revealing the pulsing glow of Light cycle trains as they zip through the attraction. The canopy also has a dramatic set of blue-green lights that create a ribbon of color that changes as it rolls across, over and around the Tron Plaza.


As the grand opening day for the park draws near, Shanghai Disney is currently going through final checks and testing with a soft opening. This means they are allowing the public early to access to the ride to ensure it all works correctly and there will be no embarrassing hiccups on its grand opening.

That is where the following video has come from. You get a general sense of the ride and it looks pretty cool but unless you’re about to book plane tickets to Shanghai, this is as close as most of us are going to get.


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