A lone US Soldier with the help from the CIA seek to destroy an all-powerful being known as the Firegod

Film director Neill Blomkamp presents his second short film from his experimental collection. Setting up his production facility, Oats Studios, Blomkamp has been creating short films and experimenting with different ideas which he also wants to share with you the viewer.

You can read about this is more detail here when I reported on his first release Rakka.

In this second short film entitled Firebase, a lone US soldier during the Vietnam war is looking for a powerful creature who is laying waste to thousands of soldiers. He is met by the CIA who are also tracking this powerful being and can offer some assistance.

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As with his previous film, Rakka, this twenty-minute short film is the gestation of an idea and just as the film kicks into second gear it, unfortunately, comes to an end leaving you craving for more.

You can certainly tell the practical effects guys had a lot of fun on this film with plenty of gore and disfigured bodies on display!

As with Rakka, you can donate a small fee via Steam which will gain you access to a Bluray quality copy of the film, sound, videos and 3D model files so you can edit your own version of the film along with a PDF book containing concept art and various behind the scenes material.


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