Oats Studios Teases Amazing Short Films But Who Are They?

Oats Studios Teases Amazing Short Films But Who Are They?

Director Neill Blomkamp starts up his own studio to express his ideas with amazing results.

Neill Blomkamp is best known for his feature film debut District 9 which was followed by Elysium and then Chappie.

Since the release of Chappie in 2015, Blomkamp had been working on his idea for a direct sequel to Aliens. He liked to tease the fans by releasing the concept art online via his Instagram account.

Unfortunately, that film was nipped in the bud when 20th Century Fox decided to push ahead with director Ridley Scott and what would become Alien: Covenant.

But it turns out that Blomkamp had another project going which will come to fruition very soon. He has set up his own production facilities, Oats Studios, and has been teasing about it online for several months.

Oats Studios

Rather than producing full-length feature movies, Blomkamp has decided to create experimental short films and release them online for free. The idea behind this strategy is that maybe some of these ideas will be picked up by a major studio and developed into a full-length feature.

It was this very move that got him his first directing gig as District 9 is based on his short film Alive In Joburg.

This isn’t just for the big studio executives either, Blomkamp hopes to set up an online community where everyone can discuss his work and exchange ideas, even re-editing his short films and presenting them in different ways.

Blomkamp has been quoted as saying these films will appear soon with no definite date given but from the look of these two short teaser videos, I’m already excited. There’s so much interesting imagery to digest!


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