Official limited edition Run The Jewels Krang toy available to buy

Official limited edition Run The Jewels Krang toy available to buy

Officially licensed by Nickelodeon and Run The Jewels, this limited edition Krang toy is crazy, limited edition, and available to buy now.

As mad as this collaboration seems there’s a great underdog story behind the making of the toy. We reported on Trap Toys in 2016, in that post you can see an early version of the RTJ Krang toy, but the bootleggers had begun work on this concept two years previous to that.

In their own words:

For those who don’t know the backstory, we designed this figure way back in 2014. It was pretty much the first thing we ever did but it got big love from the RTJ camp. From there, we were able to wangle our way backstage to meet EL-P and Mike in exchange for toys and a relationship was forged (well, more like Wayne and Garth at Alice Cooper).

Fast-forward 3yrs to @toyconuk where we met Dan from Unbox Industries who said he’d like to make our Krang bootleg into a 12″ production vinyl and bring in his connects from Nickelodeon and the rest is about to be a small part of hip hop history.

Trust me when I say this toy is glorious and extremely limited so grab one now before they vanish. ($125)

Huge thanks to the entire Unbox Industries team and especially to Dan for making this possible and for being so great to work with. Never has the expression, ‘fake it til you make it’ seemed more appropriate. We can now die happy

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The result is this officially licensed mashup toy that comes in two colours. Killer Mike forms the android body whilst EL-P represents the evil mastermind brain sporting a Run The Jewels cap. Each toy features eight points of articulation with hands throwing the iconic salute synonymous with the rap duo.

These toys are strictly limited edition (350 units) and priced at $125.00. Baring in mind that Trap Toys have a fiercely loyal fanbase plus the added appeal to Run The Jewels and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans, these toys will sell out fast.

BUY: RTJ Krang Red | RTJ Krang Black

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