Oh No! The Lemmings Have Returned!

Oh No! The Lemmings Have Returned!

Those little suicidal lemmings return for more puzzle action on your mobile phone

In 1991, a software development team from Liverpool called Psygnosis released Lemmings for the Commodore Amiga. The premise of the game was simple and yet highly addictive.

Little lemmings would fall from an open hatch and then start walking when they hit the floor. If they hit an impassable object they would simply turn around and walk the other way. The only thing that would kill them was a fall of great height or a hole in the floor where they’d fall to their death.

At your disposal was a number of characteristics you could apply to a single lemming at a time. For example, you could make one build bridges, dig through the scenery or stand as a blocker, forcing lemmings to turn around.

With this array of options, you would have to figure out how to try and save all your lemmings and get them home. So in the screenshot below of the first level, you would use a digger lemming to allow the guys to get through the rock and reach the home portal.

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The game was a huge success, spawned several sequels, and was ported to almost every console and home computer format you can think of.

In 1993, Psygnosis was bought by Sony and later become known as Sony Studio Liverpool. They were asked to create games for Sony’s first console the PlayStation and they came up with a little racing game called Wipeout.

Now after 25 years, Sony have brought the lemmings back, but not for consoles, now its available for mobile phones.

The game, whilst retaining the original gameplay format, has been redesigned to fit the rectangular shape of modern phones rather than the old 4:3 square of 1990’s computer monitors. The levels are also procedurally generated to allow for thousands of levels to be created.

Whilst the game contains microtransactions, Sony says the game can be played completely for free.

Lemmings are out now on mobile devices for iOS and Android.


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