Oh Smeg! Here’s The Trailer For Red Dwarf Season XI!

Oh Smeg! Here’s The Trailer For Red Dwarf Season XI!

The boys from the Dwarf are back in this first look at season eleven of the cult sci-fi comedy, Red Dwarf.

I’ve been a big fan of Red Dwarf ever since it was first broadcast all those years ago. It was a Monday night, 9pm on BBC2 in 1988. Damn, I feel old right now.

The show is about the Jupiter Mining Corporation vessel Red Dwarf, more importantly, its four crewmates and the adventures they become involved in.

Dave Lister, the last surviving human in the known universe thanks to Arnold Rimmer, his bunkmate, who now only exists as a hologram. This is because the crew of the Red Dwarf used to total 168, Lister was put into stasis as punishment for smuggling a cat on board the ship and Rimmer forgot to seal the drive plate properly causing a radiation leak that killed off the entire crew.

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The ship’s computer, Holly, released Lister after the background radiation levels had dropped to a safe level, a mere 3 million years. Lister’s feline pet was safely sealed in the storage hold and after three million years the species has evolved into a humanoid form. Only one of them remains and he is simply known as Cat.

Kryten, the service mechanoid, was introduced in an episode of season two and became a series regular and part of the crew from season three onwards.

Unbelievably it has been four years since the last season, so expectations are high and season 12 has been confirmed for 2017!

Season 11 will air in the UK on Dave starting 22nd September.


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