Olivia Wilde to direct a female focused Marvel movie for Sony

Olivia Wilde to direct a female focused Marvel movie for Sony

Sony are looking to expand on their Marvel character license. Olivia Wilde will direct a female-focused movie. But which character will take centre stage?

Through Disney’s acquisition of Fox, Marvel Studios have been able to welcome back the rights to most of their characters, significantly the rights to X-Men and The Fantastic Four. But one license remains beyond their full control. All things Spider-Man still sit with Sony.

You have to travel back in time to a time before Dinsey owned Marvel to discover why. To a time before superhero movies dominated cinema listings. Before Marvel Studios were the juggernaut they are now. Marvel needed cash, and to raise that they made some terrible decisions, for example, licensing out their characters to studios like 20th Century Fox and Sony.

The deals were such that a studio could maintain the rights indefinitely as long as they produced a movie every few years. This caused all manner of problems when Marvel finally got around to creating their own movie studio and began developing their extended cinematic universe. Marvel were unable to use the rights to Spider-Man, arguably their most iconic character. And so, until negotiations took place a few years ago, we had The Avengers without Spider-Man.

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Now Sony are keen to build on their license. Spidey’s presence in the MCU raises their profile significantly but Sony have the rights to a multitude of other characters across the Spider-verse. We’ve seen a Venom movie and expect a Morbius film in 2021. Both villains that Spider-Man would battle. But are Sony about to introduce a new hero?

Deadline report that Sony are developing a female-focused movie based on a Marvel character and the assumption is that the film will bring Spider-Woman to the big screen with Olivia Wilde directing.

Whilst no official confirmation has been made by Sony that the film will feature Spider-Woman, Wilde herself tweeted a black spider in response to Deadline’s breaking of the news. The ‘Tron Legacy’ star made her full-length directorial debut with the fantastic Booksmart in 2019.

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