OneWerd – Hold On | Video

OneWerd – Hold On | Video

With the last video from his recent ‘Timeless’ project, OneWerd drops the visuals for ‘Hold On’, a song that gained deeper meaning for the rapper whilst on tour.

Ordinarily I add a brief, generic write-up to accompany any music video I post on The Unheard Nerd. Who the artist is, which album or EP you’ll find the song on. Maybe an observation or two about the visuals.

In this instance during a twitter DM conversation recently, Bay Area rapper, OneWerd, sent me his own thoughts and experiences associated with this song and the video that he’s created for it.

His words and the message held within carry far greater weight than anything I could put together.

Hold On was written in between two shows on a tour by myself in the Midwest. The first was one of those standard shows playing a new area with no solid connections…not well organized or attended, with a long solo drive before and after.

At that particular time I was feeling the pressure that touring and releasing music was putting on my personal relationships, my job, my finances, my marriage, and my peace of my mind.

As tour luck will often have it, The following night was a small basement show with new friends, and it helped to put some of the stress into perspective, and reminded me how powerful the connection between individuals in our weird little music community can be.

It helped to balance some of the tension, and made me grateful to be able to play music in states far from home, and still have someone I love to come home to.

I filmed the video that spring on my northwest Alive tour, another solo trip, but had the opportunity to catch footage on stages as well as with some of the friends, fans, and fellow artists I connected with along the way.

Whether it’s through creative pursuits or otherwise, I think we all run into what feel like dead ends in our lives that test our faith and our patience. I’m grateful for the friends and family that support and encourage me when I’m up against those obstacles, and I hope songs like this one can maybe do some small part of passing that along to whoever may need it.

‘Hold On’ is taken from OneWerd’s recent album, ‘Timeless’, available to download and stream on bandcamp.

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About OneWerd | For OneWerd, a rapper and producer from the SF Bay Area, the journey has always been about the music, and vice versa. Hip Hop for the Bay Area emcee and producer began in the SF bay area amidst a haze of graffiti-based classroom scribbles, open-mic freestyle cyfers, and the peak of the mid 90’s underground scene.

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