OneWerd – Walk Into The Ocean | Video

OneWerd – Walk Into The Ocean | Video

One word. Chill. ‘Walk Into The Ocean’ is the first single and video from OneWerd’s new album, ‘Timeless’.

Taking a significantly laid back approach to the first single from his new album, ‘Walk Into The Ocean’ from Bay Area rapper/producer OneWerd inspires a feeling of summer calm and the prospect of new beginnings. A hazy sun-soaked visual with clever camera angles is carefully edited to punctuate the free-flowing lyricism of the track.

In reality the release of this song signifies the culmination of a period of hard work and graft. OneWerd has produced, performed and mixed the entire eleven track album titled ‘Timeless’. His  notes which accompany the release read: I produced it. I mixed it. I made it. I need a nap. But I won’t take one.

The Album, ‘Timeless’, was released on May 6th and is available to download via bandcamp now for $10.

About OneWerd | For OneWerd, a rapper and producer from the SF Bay Area, the journey has always been about the music, and vice versa. Hip Hop for the Bay Area emcee and producer began in the SF bay area amidst a haze of graffiti-based classroom scribbles, open-mic freestyle cyfers, and the peak of the mid 90’s underground scene.

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