OPPO Make Some Bold Additions To Their Superhero Suit Range

OPPO Make Some Bold Additions To Their Superhero Suit Range

Famous for their fun pop-culture formal wear, OPPOSuits add bold new Marvel designs to their superhero range.

Perhaps best known for their Pac-Man suit, OPPOSuits specialise in merging pop-culture and formal wear. Bright and fun designs draw inspiration from fandoms like Star Wars and more commonly comic book characters.

Their newest additions fall firmly in the superhero category with three new Marvel Comics themed suits added to the collection. Hulk, Captain America and Spider-Man all get the formal wear treatment with these bold designs.

OPPO Captain America Suit

Captain America

Bringing a classic comic version of Captain America to your work day. This red, white and blue design is, like Cap’, one for the brave.

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Price £74.95

OPPO Hulk Suit

Marvel Ensemble

Spider-Man, Captain America and the Hulk smash their way out of comic panels and onto your suit with this bright and colourful design that screams your love for Marvel Comics.

Price £74.95

OPPO Spider-Man Suit


Arguably the most stylish of the three new additions to OPPO’s Marvel range, this Spider-Man design offers a clean look based on the webbed pattern of Spidey’s costume. I could genuinely see myself wearing this.

Price £74.95

OPPO have many more Marvel and DC Comics themed suits available as well as an extensive range of bright and bold creations for all occasions.

Check out opposuits.co.uk for more.

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