Pac-Man turns 40 years old with music and a new game

Pac-Man turns 40 years old with music and a new game

Originally called “Puck-Man”, Pac-Man has endured for forty years as one of the original classic games across almost every platform.

Pac-Man made it’s arcade debut in Japan on May 22nd 1980. Originally titled ‘Puck-Man’, the name would soon change to accommodate the western market where concerns were raised that the P could easily be changed to and F by vandals.

Developed in 1979 by a team led by Tōru Iwatani, Pac-Man provides a perfect balance of intuitive game-play with increasing levels of technical difficulty. Anyone can grab a joystick and play without much in the way of instruction.

The original arcade version of the game was released by Namco, now Bandai Namco, who would go on to adopt the character as the company’s mascot.

During it’s forty years in existence, Pac-Man has been adapted for almost every platform – from consoles to mobile devices -making it one of the highest grossing games in history with reported sales topping $14 Billion from almost 48 million copies sold.

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To mark the special occasion, Bandai Namco have a number of celebrations planned which you can keep up to date with at

A celebratory album of music inspired by the game is to be released in the autumn. The first track from the release is JOIN THE PAC from Ken Ishii. The album will have a staggered release over three volumes. To keep up to date with each track and volume as it drops follow this link to your streaming service of choice.

A new game in partnership with Amazon Games has also been announced. Titled ‘Pac-Man Live Studio’, the game allows up to four players to compete simultaneously in one maze. Battle it out to see who can chomp the most dots whilst avoiding ghosts. ‘Pac-Man Live Studio’ will also allow players to create their own levels to challenge friends and opponents online.

No download will be required. The game can be played directly from the Pac-Man Live Studio Twitch channel. For more on this click here.

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Expect more news and celebrations throughout the year. The Unheard Nerd wish one of gaming’s OGs a very happy fortieth birthday.

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