A Pair Of James Bond’s Gloves Almost Cost Sony Millions

A Pair Of James Bond’s Gloves Almost Cost Sony Millions

Daniel Craig’s on set suggestion leads to a rather costly mistake in this story from filmmaker and critic Charlie Lyne.

The story as told by Charlie Lyne is that both director Sam Mendes and the current Mr. Bond, Daniel Craig, are both fed up and bored whilst in production on the film that will become Skyfall. This will be the 23rd film in the Bond series.

Whilst out browsing the local shops on a day off, Daniel Craig comes across a rather nice set of gloves and purchases them. He brought them to the set and asks Sam Mendes if he can wear them in the scene they’re about to shoot as he believes they’re the kind of apparel James Bond would wear.

Allegedly Sam didn’t really care at this point and allowed Daniel to wear them. The scene in question is when James Bond has a fight with henchman around a pit that contains Komodo dragons.

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Months later, back in London, Sam and his editing team are putting the cut of Skyfall together when someone points out a major problem with James Bond and his gloves.

If this is true, it’s a fantastic little tale. I’ll let Charlie tell the rest of the story.

UPDATE: It appears the story may have been exaggerated a little. Why would James Bond wear leather gloves with a tuxedo? This article over at Birth.Movies.Death. details the scene in question that they think the story is really pertaining to. Sadly, it lessens the impact of what could have been another great Hollywood anecdote!

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