Paramount Moving Ahead With A Sonic The Hedgehog Movie

Paramount Moving Ahead With A Sonic The Hedgehog Movie

Paramount Pictures have obtained the rights to a Sonic The Hedgehog movie with a proposed release date in late 2019.

Rumours of a Sonic movie have been doing the rounds for years, but with Sony choosing to let rights to the project slip it looked like the film may be dead in the water. Now Paramount pictures have stepped up, obtained the rights to the speedy blue hedgehog and set the release date for as soon as November 15th 2019.

Forbes reports that the studio enlisted to take on the CG work is Marza Animation Planet, who incidentally started out as a SEGA subsidiary. Known for specialising in realistic CG their resume includes ‘Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV’ and ‘Resident Evil: Vendetta’.

With Deadpool director, Tim Miller, onboard as executive producer, Sonic fans might well feel buoyed by the news, but don’t celebrate too hard just yet.

One distinctly worrying aspect of the project is that the film is expected to blend CG with live-action actors. A ballsy move seldom executed well.

News of a Sonic The Hedgehog film, and especially with a release date already pencilled in for next year, has re-ignited the age old Nintendo Vs SEGA conflict for some nineties gamers unwilling to let the past be the past.

Nintendo have also revealed this year that a Mario movie is entering production in partnership with Illumination. The animation studio behind the hugely popular ‘Despicable Me’ and ‘Minions’ films. Unlike the Sonic movie, Mario’s outing is expected to be entirely animated.

No release date for Mario’s cinematic outing has been set at the time of writing.

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