Pikachu earbuds come with a Pokéball charging case

Pikachu earbuds come with a Pokéball charging case

Pikachu earbuds are cool, but a Pokéball charging case is the real selling point for these new products from Razer.

Providing novelty value at a hefty price, these new earbuds from Razer pay tribute to Pikachu, the most famous of all Pokémon.

Launching in China on April 16th, the earbuds don’t seem that spectacular in comparison to other similar products. Costing approximately $120.00 each set is loaded with 13mm drivers that should provide great bass. They come with support for voice assistance and noise cancellation. They’re also water resistant, but battery life is an issue with only 3 hours use between charges.

The real selling point though is the charging case. Styled to look like a Pokéball, the case resolves some of the battery life problems of the earbuds themselves by providing five full charges on the move. That and it looks like a frickin’ Pokéball! Each yellow earbud carries a Pikachu logo with the little critter’s distinctive electric flash tail.

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Razer’s earbuds are the latest product to come from a recent collaboration between the electronics company and The Pokémon Company. The range includes a Pikchu themed keyboard and mouse.

When and if Razer’s Pikachu earbuds will reach the western hemisphere is unknown.

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