Playmobil Offers Yet More Ghostbusters Goodness!

Playmobil Offers Yet More Ghostbusters Goodness!

Playmobil have expanded their Ghostbusters product line to include the often overlooked ECTO-1A

Almost one year ago, Playmobil announced their first ever line of licensed toys to be based upon the Ghostbusters. Now this range is to be expanded including designs from Ghostbusters 2.

The small 7.5cm figures of Playmobil originated from Germany and were made to resemble a child’s drawing of a person, hence the larger head and big smile.

There have been many themed sets over the years including pirates, space and Egyptian. But there’s also the everyday settings such as a hospital, police and zoo for example.

Since the original announcement, Playmobil has also released what looks to be some original vehicles which have been branded under the title of The Real Ghostbusters.

These sets are 9385 Venkman with Helicopter, 9386 Spengler with Cage Car, 9387 Zeddemore with Aqua Scooter and 9388 Stantz with Skybike. All four retail for £19.99 / $21.99

The new sets, arriving in May, also includes some versions that are aimed at the older collectors amongst you. 

All four Ghostbusters, Peter, Ray, Spengler and Winston will be available in collectors edition figures. The Ghostbusters™ Collection figures are twice the size at 15cm tall, this allows more details to be added.

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These larger figures will be limited to 12,500 copies and will also include a code for in-app content for the augmented reality mobile phone game Ghostbusters World. They will retail for £49.99 / $49.99 each.

If you wanted a complete set of Ghostbusters but didn’t want to purchase any of the individual play sets, Playmobil has got your back.

A set of four Ghostbusters, complete with all their accessories, will be available in one single box for just £19.99 / $19.99

When it comes to Ghostbusters vehicles, there have been many models of the ECTO1, the converted hearse from the original film. It’s been immortalised as plastic model kits, in LEGO and as small diecast metal cars for example.

However, what you don’t normally see is the upgraded version of the car that appeared in Ghostbusters 2. Playmobil is about to change that.

The ECTO-1A playset comes with all four Ghostbusters in their dark grey Ghostbusters 2 jumpsuits, a proton pack, a slime blower, one ghost trap and other assorted devices. The lights on the roof flash and I hope it also contains the iconic siren the vehicle has in real life. The ECTO-1A set will retail for £54.99 / $59.99.

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From the photograph on the website, you can see that all four guys will fit in the vehicle along with two slime blowers and two proton packs. However, how do you get the extra equipment?

You will be available to buy the dark grey Ghostbuster 2 edition figures separately for just $10.99. Unfortunately, these only look to be available in the US.

Each figure will come with a ghost trap that is enhanced with a hologram that is produced via a mobile phone with the accompanying app.

You know, I still haven’t got around to buying the terror dogs from the original lineup yet! 

The new Ghostbusters sets and figures will be available from May. More details and pictures can be found at the official Playmobil site (UK) (US).

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