Playmobil Targets Your Inner Child With Back to the Future Toys!

Playmobil Targets Your Inner Child With Back to the Future Toys!

Playmobil continues appealing to the inner child in all of us with this Back to the Future collection

Over the last two years, Playmobil has started releasing their first-ever licensed toys. Back in 2017, they released their first set of toys based upon Ghostbusters. The range expanded just over a year later to include designs from Ghostbusters 2.

The small 7.5cm figures of Playmobil originated from Germany and were made to resemble a child’s drawing of a person, hence the larger head and big smile.

At this year’s New York Comic Con they surprised released their latest set based upon the classic time travel adventure from 1985, Back to the Future.

The basic set looks to include the DeLorean, obviously, Marty McFly with a skateboard and 80’s camcorder and Doctor Emmet Brown in his radiation suit along with plutonium and carry case. To round out the set, Emmet’s dog Einstein is also included.

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Playmobil Back to the Future

Playmobil Back to the Future

Playmobile will also release a set of Marty and Doc in the 1955 clothing along with a guitar and a “Save the clock tower” flyer.

Playmobil Back to the Future

Both of these sets will be released sometime next year.

Damn! I still haven’t bought any Ghostbusters sets yet! Shall I just set up a direct debit with Playmobil?

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