The Playstation 4 Is One Year Old Today

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The Playstation 4 Is One Year Old Today

It’s been a year since the Playstation 4’s debut in North America.

The latest gen Playstation was released into the North American market on the 15th of November 2013 amidst a two battle for supremacy with its biggest rival, the XBox One. With little to choose between the two in terms of specs much came down to the marketing of the product.

Whilst the XBox was criticised for its styling with comparisons made to a VHS recorder the Playstation also hit the market sporting a more angular shape than its predecessor. Before even hitting the shops Sony announced that they had received over a million pre-orders by August 2013. In the UK the PS4 became the most successful games console on launch selling a whopping 250,000 units in 48 hours. To date more than 13.5 million Playstation 4s have been sold.

Happy birthday Playstation 4. How has your year with Sony’s flagship console been? Hit us up with a comment.

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