PlayStation is twenty five years old today

PlayStation is twenty five years old today

Sony’s PlayStation turns a quarter of a century old today.

2019 represents a landmark year in terms of video game console anniversaries. XBox One and PS4 each turn five this year and back in September, SEGA’s Dreamcast marked two decades since launch. Pipping each of these in seniority though, is Sony’s OG PlayStation.

PlayStation was debuted in Japan on December 3rd 1994. The iconic console provided a foundation that would see Sony rise to dominance in the games market. The brand is thriving a quarter of a century on with no sign of losing momentum.

That classic grey console with innovative Dual-Shock controllers formed part of the fifth generation of home video games machines. So successful was the PlayStation that Sony would go on to sell in excess of 120 Million units – more than 102 million of those within a decade.



Upon launch the company’s main competition would come from SEGA’s Saturn – and more prominently Nintendo’s N64. Famously Sony’s first independent foray into the home console market came from the ashes of a failed collaboration with Nintendo. The book ‘Console Wars’ by Blake. J. Harris gives a detailed account of events.

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Cashing in on the trend for classic miniature consoles, the PlayStation mini was released by Sony last year to less than enthusiastic reviews. Pre-loaded with twenty games, many fans found the units sluggish and lacking in playability.

Inversely, original units were built to last and their quality remains. My own original PlayStation console performs just as well today as it did on the day I bought it. A true classic.

Happy Birthday PlayStation!

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