Pokémon dress shirts could brighten up office life

Pokémon dress shirts could brighten up office life

Adorable Pokémon dress shirts bring fandom to the office as Japanese company, Original Stitch, offer first gen designs.

An initial first batch of Pokémon dress shirts will be available to order from January 26th. The early sale event will last for three days and offer a limited run of twenty designs.

From February the company will increase the range and offer custom options. All 151 original Pokémon will be available to choose from and customers will be able to decide whether to go full-on fandom, or dial back the love.

If you don’t think your boss will entertain the idea of a shirt covered in Magikarp you’ll have the option to tone it down. Original Stitch will offer levels of customisation that will allow buyers to choose between a number of variations.

Pokémon dress shirts

The Jiggly Puff design (right) uses clever disguise so that the character isn’t noticeable until seen close up.

For the bold, an all-over print. For those who want to tone it down a little you can choose to have the design just on the collars and cuffs. But if subtlety is your thing, you can specify to have the design only on the inside of the collar and cuffs. Roll up your sleeves and show off your Vulpix, if you will.

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Shirts are reported to cost  ‎¥‎10,000. That’s around $90 or £70.  Check out the official website for more information.

Source: Nerdist

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