Pokémon GO | This Tiny New Pokémon Has Players Baffled

Pokémon GO | This Tiny New Pokémon Has Players Baffled

Fans of Pokémon GO were left baffled as yesterday’s Community Day drew to a close and a never before seen Pokémon took over the game.

Each month Pokémon GO trainers gear up for ‘Community Day‘. The event “day” actually only runs for three hours over the weekend where a predetermined Pokémon will appear in far greater numbers. For September the day focussed around Chikorita.



Amongst other bonuses, like triple XP and increased Stardust, players receive a special battle move if the critter is evolved to its final form during the three hour Community Day window. Better still, there are higher instances of shiny versions of the Pokémon to be found.

Though Community Day is often cause for excitement for trainers, this month’s was overshadowed, to a degree, by the fact that the hard to find legendary Pokémon, Mewtwo, has recently been made available to catch in Raid Battles for the first time. For many, this is a bigger lure and catching shiny Chikorita makes for a happy bonus.

However. Shit got weird as Community Day drew to a close. Around the world as the clock ticked its last tock of the three hour window, an all-new, never before seen Pokémon flooded trainers trackers. In fact for half an hour after Community Day this new critter was the only one on the map.

The tiny creature appears as to have a silvery body similar in shape to Ditto, but with a gold nut-like head and a single, spherical eye in the middle.

Fans attempts to capture the new Pokémon ended in further confusion and a certain amount of disappointment. Once selected the creature appears in name as “Wild ??? / CP ???”. This little guy has no name and unknown combat power? Intriguing.

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Attempts to catch one in a Pokéball resulted in one of two outcomes. The new critter would either transform into Ditto, or in some cases into Chikorita.

The new Pokémon’s similarities to Ditto have led to some fans naming it Nutto, due to its nut-like head.

Theories are rife as to what Nutto could actually be. Perhaps an all-new Pokémon that will appear in the soon to be released Nintendo Switch game ‘Pokémon Let’s Go‘? After all, the new game and Pokémon GO are going to be cross compatible in certain ways.



A more plausible theory though, is that the stunt was a tease for a Gen 3 Pokémon called Kecleon which has yet to be introduced to the game.

Some trainers in Asia and Australia reported briefly seeing Kecleon during Community Day. There are similarities between design features seen in Nutto and Kecleon. Notably the zigzag stripe across Kecleon’s midriff is similar to Nutto’s tail (not pictured above), and the eye in the middle of the nut is very much the same too.

So, in all likelihood, Nutto is actually Kecleon in disguise.

Perhaps instances of Kecleon will be as rare as finding a shiny Magikarp? You’ll need to catch a lot of Nuttos before finding Kecleon.

Whatever it is, this new Pokémon was certainly not a mistake and goes a long way towards keeping the game fresh for long-term players whilst the mystery is revealed.

Nutto, as we’ll continue to call it for now, is appearing on trackers this morning. Perhaps we’ll find out more if we catch one today?

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