Pokémon manholes are being installed across Japan

Pokémon manholes are being installed across Japan

Manhole spotting is, apparently, a thing in Japan. With this in mind Pokémon themed manholes are being installed in towns and cities.

Japan // Regular manhole covers in Japan are designed to represent the region they are installed. Admittedly, they are infinitely more interesting than the dull ones I step on in London each day. So individual, in fact, that travellers enjoy spotting them whilst out and about.

Now, thanks to an initiative called Pokémon Local Acts, Pokémon themed manhole covers are popping up (not literally) around the country.

Eevee manhole covers found in Ibusuki, Japan

The colourful metal plates feature all of your favourite characters and are also designed to fit with their local surroundings. For example, rock type Pokémon like Onix and Geodude feature in Iwate Prefecture as ‘Iwa’ refers to rocks.

In a way the manhole covers are a bit like real-life Pokéstops as found in the popular augmented reality game Pokémon GO. Something to discover in your neighbourhood or whilst travelling. In fact, they actually are virtual Pokéstops in said game providing an even richer experience.

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You’ll find plenty more pictures and videos collected over at Kotaku.


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