Policing The Superheroes | ‘The Boys’ Coming To Prime

Policing The Superheroes | ‘The Boys’ Coming To Prime

What if behind closed doors, superheroes were drunk on their own power? The Boys aim to keep them in line!

Written by Garth Ennis, the creator of Preacher, The Boys is the story of a superpowered CIA special unit.

The Boys are a special black ops team lead by Billy Butcher, a man who will happily blackmail, brutalize, torture and murder if it achieves his goals. 

Billy and his gang are entrusted to watch over the superheroes of the world and step in to protect their clean image. Behind closed doors, superheroes let off steam in different, depraved ways. Billy aims to keep this information from becoming public.

The main superheroes of the story are the Seven, who are owned by the defence contractor Vought-American. However, superheroes aren’t perfect. During the September 11th attacks, the Seven tried to stop a hijacked plane. They failed and the plane crashed into the Brooklyn Bridge and killed one of the Seven, causing a public relations disaster.

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The Seven are greedy and are truly only concerned with their merchandising rights and not the ideals they are advertised as upholding.

Garth Ennis claimed the violence and sexuality of the story would out-Preacher Preacher!

The Boys has been adapted for television via the production team of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the team that also adapted Preacher.

The Boys, starring Karl Urban as Billy, will start an eight-episode run on Amazon Prime later this year.


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