Polymega Modular Retro Console Is Available To Pre-Order

Polymega Modular Retro Console Is Available To Pre-Order

Polymega is a long awaited modular console capable of playing multiple format games on both CD and cartridge including the SEGA Saturn as a last minute addition.

A somewhat unique approach to retro gaming, Polymega is a modular machine capable of playing games from multiple formats, like the SEGA Megadrive, NEO GEO or Nintendo SNES, for example.

A base unit contains an optical drive capable of playing games on CD. This includes, PlayStation 1, Mega CD, NeoGeo CD, TurboGrafx CD and – as a last minute addition – SEGA Saturn games. All this out of the box on day one along with a wireless controller.

The clever part comes in the form of additional modular sections. By removing the dust cover from the base unit, modules can be slotted into place to allow for cartridge gaming. Available upon launch are four modules offering support for the NES, SNES, SEGA Megadrive/Genesis and TurboGrafx-16.

Each module and the base unit are region-free allowing games from around the world to be played on the appropriate piece of kit.

Polymega have been teasing the system for a while now, but pre-orders are finally open and, suspected malicious attack on their website aside, the campaign appears to be going very well with over $300,000 of their $500,000 goal achieved at time of writing.

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It seems a last minute announcement that the base unit will support SEGA Saturn games too boosted interest.

The base unit isn’t cheap with an individual price of £249.99 (regular price $279.99) bundled with a wireless controller.

Modules are a more reasonable $59.99 each and also come bundled with a controller specifically configured for that system. Additional controllers are available to purchase separately.

The ‘Ultimate Bundle’ which includes one of everything can be yours for the special pre-sale price of $599.99.

There are an increasing number of retro console clones available on the market, many of which play multiple cartridge formats. But none, that I’m aware of, play such a range of CD games.

But if the final product matches the look of the renders in Polymega’s promotional video and images, this should be a good looking, quality piece of kit and a unique alternative to collecting old hardware.

Not one for the purist, but a modern aesthetic will appeal to a great number of gamers.

Visit polymega.com for more information and to pre-order units. Shipment is expected in April 2019.

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