Pre-orders are now open for Wordburglar’s new album ‘SpaceVerse’

Pre-orders are now open for Wordburglar’s new album ‘SpaceVerse’

August 27th is the date that Wordburglar’s seventh full-length album, ‘SpaceVerse’ will be digitally released. And you can pre-order it now.

Grown in Halifax but living in Toronto, Wordburglar provides an oasis of up-beat, feel good hip-hop that fuses old-school sensibilities with pop-culture references. Anything from obscure comic book titles to widely recognisable Star Wars characters provide inspiration for the rapper.

His latest album is no different. ‘SpaceVerse’ promises an epic exploration of science fiction themes in Wordburglar’s trademark cheeky style.

‘SpaceVerse’ will be Wordburglar’s seventh full-length release. There are fourteen tracks of which most are brand new. You will find a couple of remixes in the track list, one of which is ‘Burgie’s’ popular Star Wars tribute, ‘Dude Where’s my AT-AT at?’.

Keeping with the Star Wars theme, the likeable rapper released an EP of three tracks from ‘SpaceVerse’ back in April. ‘Mos Eisley Rap Show’ features tracks produced by Milk Plus, Fresh Kils and Timbuktu.

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For a taste of something fresh, head over to Wordburglar’s bandcamp page now to stream another new track, ‘Force Ghost (Burden Of A Master)’.

Pre-orders are open now for a limited edition run of ‘SpaceVerse’ on CD with shipping due to begin on September 6th. Digital downloads will be available from August 27th.

Visit Wordburglar’s bandcamp page to pre-order for as little as $14CAD plus shipping.

About Wordburglar | Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, currently based in a secret headquarters somewhere in Canada, Wordburglar makes rap songs, comic books and hosts shows. His seventh full-length album “SpaceVerse” is out now.

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