PREMIERE | Josh Wheatley – Runaway [Akira The Don Remix]

PREMIERE | Josh Wheatley – Runaway [Akira The Don Remix]

Rising star Josh Wheatley’s debut single ‘Runaway’ gets the remix treatment from Akira The Don. Hear it here first.

Veering away from a career in law 21 year old Josh Wheatley focussed his attentions on his music instead, and the talented young vocalist has gained plenty of attention with his debut single ‘Runaway’ which dropped in early March.

Now the track gets the remix treatment from talented producers Deuce & Charger, Dog Is Dead (D.I.D) and Akira The Don all adding their distinctive sounds to Wheatley’s angelic vocals.

The remixes will be released on March 24th, but you can hear Akira The Don’s track here, first.

Blending his trademark ‘peakwave’ production style to ‘Runaway’ is British born, L.A. based producer Akira The Don. Akira compliments Wheatley’s smooth vocal style with a laid back, bass laden club mix.

‘Runaway’ is a song which encapsulates a person’s deepest fears, and follows the battle they go through to escape. Be it love, depression, anger and whatever else can keep someone trapped inside. The track successfully completes the feat of marrying poignant young impressionable innocence to an established production of popping slow burning nostalgic electronic sounds that have an infectiousness sense in their sincerity.

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About Josh Wheatley | Having already caught the attention of Janice Long at Radio 2 and a host of producers lining up to work with Josh, this dark and brooding songwriter from Nottingham is writing about matters of the heart and soul with a knowing empathy rarely found in someone so young. His influences are cited as being locked firmly around artists like Death Cab For Cutie, Ryan Adams and David Gray, along with some newer bands such as Tall Ships and Dog is Dead.

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