Primal | Cavemen, Monsters and Dinosaurs!

Primal | Cavemen, Monsters and Dinosaurs!

Genndy Tartakovsky returns with a new animated show about cavemen and dinosaurs

Okay, I’ve mentioned Genndy’s name and you probably have no idea who he is. He is responsible for such cartoons as Dexter’s Laboratory, Samurai Jack and the original cel-animated series of Star Wars: Clone Wars from 2003.

Genndy’s new show for Adult Swim, Primal, is set in a fantastical and scientifically incorrect time where early man co-exists with dinosaurs and other fantastic creatures that have never existed.

Apparently there is no dialogue in the show, just grunts, growls and various lour roars, however early reviews are reporting that Genndy’s detailed animated style manages to convey emotions and personality.

Primal has already started airing this week in a special five-night rollout event on Adult Swim. Episode one can still be seen on the Primal website as long as you reside in the US.

Unfortunately, I can’t find evidence of any UK airing.

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You’ve still got time to catch the last three episodes.


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