Primal Winds – Ghostbusterz [Video]

Primal Winds – Ghostbusterz [Video]

Rest easy this Halloween, Primal Winds are teaming up with Fortunato and Warrzone for ‘Ghostbusterz’, a new track from their Afraid Of No Ghost EP.

If you need a Ghostbusters themed song in you neighbourhood, who you gonna call? Maybe hip-hop duo, Primal Winds, with Fortunato and Warrzone. It just so happens that their new song is all about ‘bustin sick rhymes over devilishly dope beats.

Titled ‘Ghostbusterz’, the song is taken from Primal Winds’ Halloween release, ‘Afraid of No Ghosts EP‘. The four track extended player is produced by Fresh Kils and focuses on four spooky fandoms.

Shot on location in Montreal, the video for the song required the help of Louis-Simon Lamontagne and his replica Ecto-1, the converted Cadillac Miller-Meteor ambulance made famous by the first Ghostbusters movie.

In honour of the 35th anniversary of the release of Ghostbusters and with love for the franchise the song utilises samples from the film’s original theme song. Producer, Fresh Kils, manages to maintain a catchy hook whilst creating something entirely new.

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About Primal Winds | Lighting up the scene once again, Toronto’s based hip hop artists Primordial Emcee & Iron Wind unite as Primal Winds. Tdot Stand Up is the stepping stone for this project as Prime & Wind take you back to the era we all loved. Packed with tons of wordplay and fresh beats, this album is guaranteed to get the attention it deserves.

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