Primal Winds – Griefers [Video]

Primal Winds – Griefers [Video]

Primal Winds deliver a hard dose of industrial, synth-wave hip-hop with a rallying call to ‘grief’ the establishment.

Taken from their forthcoming new album, ‘The Renegades’, District Prime and Iron Wind, collaboratively known as Primal Winds, deliver the video for the song, ‘Griefers’.

This first single from the record, due out on Hand’Solo Records, plays on the concept of Griefers. Trolls that inhabit the online gaming world with the intent to antagonise others. Through their lyrics Primal Winds encourage listeners to rise up and take part in griefing the establishment.

‘Griefers’ is also available to download as a DJ pack via Hand’Solo Records’ bandcamp page where you’ll find more versions of the song, including a remix by DJ Matto, plus instrumentals and acapellas.

About Primal Winds | District Prime and Iron Wind, better known as Toronto hip hop duo Primal Winds, are on a revolutionary rap journey with their new album, The Renegades. Prior to the release of this passion project, Primal Winds dropped their ode to hip hp and their hometown, T-Dot Stand Up, their pirate-themed Give No Quarter, their cowboy-themed Cut You Down, and their post-apocalyptic rap-rock album, Road Warriors, their first on Hand’Solo Records, along with various conceptual singles/videos.

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