Primal Winds – Road Warriors ft Julian Swift [Video]

Primal Winds – Road Warriors ft Julian Swift [Video]

Rap duo Primal Winds pay tribute to the Mad Max mythos with a Canadian twist in their new video.

‘Road Warriors’ is the first official single and the title track from Primal Winds’ fourth album. Rap duo Primordial Emcee and Iron Wind combine forces as Primal Winds and produce a heavy blend of rock and rap. A sound indicative of much of the album.

The video was shot in a wooden automobile graveyard and features Mad Max cosplayer, Christian Joseph, and his replica Interceptor. In some ways the car is as much the star of the video as the musicians. The vehicle is one of only two replicas not to customise an Australian car platform. Instead this Interceptor is created from a 1970 Torino.

‘Road Warriors’ is released via Hand*Solo Records.

About Primal Winds | From TDot Stand Up through Give No Quarter to Cut You Down, Primal Winds is proud to present the next instalment in their anthology of concept-themed rap albums. Road Warriors opens with the title track, revealing the road ahead to be a post-apocalyptic drive-to-survive journey through the worlds of Mad Max, Death Race, Tank Girl, Twisted Metal and more. Driving metaphors weave in and out of the vivid imagery and world-building story-telling as told over a soundtrack of high octane rap-metal, hardcore hip hop, horrorcore, industrial, and even a splattering of post-apocalyptic 40s jazz.


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