Project 88 – Back to the Future Part II Remade By Fans In Lockdown

Project 88 – Back to the Future Part II Remade By Fans In Lockdown

Fans from around the world remake Back to the Future Part II in just seven days whilst in lock-down.

Project 88 was a concept created to give people a creative outlet during this time of the pandemic (March 2020). The original idea was to assign the 88 scenes of the film Back to the Future Part II to different people.

They could then re-create the scene in any way they wanted, in any medium (live-action, animated, puppets etc) using only items that they could source from their homes. The only other rule, only seven days to create and submit their creation.

However, the project proved to be far more successful than they could have imagined with hundreds of volunteers asking to join the project. In fact, the final total was over 300 people from 9 different countries.

So the rules of the project were changed slightly to accommodate this new number. Instead, each group was assigned anything from 40-100 seconds of the movie to recreate in any way they saw fit.

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The final creation is a real joy to watch and as Taylor from Project 88 said via the official website:

With so many creative people stuck at home, we wanted to give people a creative outlet.  Something that anyone could do.  We had people from around the world recreate scenes from Back to the Future 2 using only what they had access to during the quarantine.  The results are a marvel of creativity.  The best part however, is hearing from the people who worked on the project, how much fun they had and how it brought some joy in a dark time.

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