Puma are set to drop another Nintendo collaboration later this month

Puma are set to drop another Nintendo collaboration later this month

Puma will increase their range of Nintendo themed sneakers at the end of November with a focus on classic Mario.

Three new Super Mario Bros. themed sneakers from Puma will drop at the end of November in further celebration of the game’s 35th anniversary. A further Nintendo tribute will follow in early December. That’s the one I’ll be keeping an eye on.

Puma introduced their Super Mario ’64 themed RS-Dreamer sneakers back in September. These were promptly followed up by two further iterations of the silhouette in ‘Sunshine’ and ‘Galaxy’ colourways inspired by ‘Super Mario 3D All-Stars’.

At the end of November the German sports brand will add three more styles to the collection which will include versions of the Clyde, Future Rider and RS-Fast shoes. Mario features on all three with colourways reminiscent of those seen in the games, lace tags, tongue labels and other game related detailing.

Perhaps ugliest of the three are the RS-Fast (Galaxy) silhouette. A busy black, blue and white colourway is highlighted with silver.

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If you prefer a more classic (basic) sneaker, perhaps the Clyde (Sunshine) style is more to your taste? A simple design with an off-white base colour is set off by a blue side-stripe and yellow laces.

A reasonable middle-ground between the previous two styles is a personal favourite of mine, the Future Rider (Mario 64) silhouette. This version comes in off-white / Grey with blue, red and green accents, a cool Mario lace tag and brick pattern on the outer heal extrusion.

I already own a regular pair of Future Riders. What impresses me about them most, other than being super comfortable, is the fact that they maintain a fresh look, even after months of wear. So it’s this next addition that I’m most hyped for as a shoe I’ll happily wear on a day to day basis.

Another version of the Future Rider sneaker, this one pays tribute more to the NES rather than Mario. With a Grey on Grey base colour, black and red accents. ‘POWER’ printed on the outer heal extrusion and a killer NES controller lace tag, these shoes are the ultimate for retro Nintendo fans. Mario still features with the classic Super Mario Bros. box art stitched into the tongue.

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The first three shoes are set to debut on puma.com on November 27th with the NES themed Future Rider shoes following on December 4th.

Pricing doesn’t seem ramped up for these special editions. Future Riders are listed at $90 (£70), the RS-Fast are more expensive at $120 (£90) and the Clydes are the cheapest at $80 (£60).

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