Random aka Mega Ran | Surya – London | Live

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Random aka Mega Ran | Surya – London | Live

Fast becoming the venue of choice for Nerdcore in London Mega Ran brings his brand of video game raps to Surya.

Mega Ran became the latest nerd rapper to grace the stage at Surya on Tuesday 9th September 2014. This intimate venue in London’s Kings Cross has played host to MC Lars, twice with Dual Core and Tribe One (with his band Malibu Shark Attack) in support over the last couple of years.

Random aka Mega Ran is no stranger to the UK though, last year he headlined a gig at The Book Club in Shoreditch for Gamer Disco, a club night where attendees play retro games projected onto walls whilst the DJ provides the backing track. On that instance he was accompanied by producer K-Murdock. On this night ‘Ran stands alone as Mr Miranda, his stage partner for this UK headlining tour (also taking in a couple of dates across the English Channel in Paris), has had to head back to the States for work. ‘Ran confesses that he’s nervous to be performing alone tonight and reveals that despite his perceived confidence he’s prone to bouts of social anxiety.

There’s not a huge crowd in tonight due in part to there being only one last minute addition to the line-up forming the opening act. Ashley Baker combines edgy spoken word pieces with folk-punk songs crudely knocked out on an acoustic guitar. Whilst he may lack refinement in charge of the instrument it passes with insignificance, off-set by his thought provoking lyrics and the crowd are disarmed by his humour between songs which forms a real contrast to his performance. Enjoyable as it is, it’s not enough to draw the numbers in.

Anxious or not Mega Ran takes to the stage and is, as expected, engaging and energetic. His delivery is clean and clear and the crowd enthusiastically show their appreciation participating with gusto as directed from the stage. A series of crowd favourites finds verses being sung to and a hearty rendition of the theme from The Fresh Prince, one of ‘Ran’s regular performance pieces, raises the noise levels. The highlight of the show for many is the part where audience participation is most called upon. The freestyle. Hold something from about your person up in the air, the weirder the better, and Random will incorporate it into his freestyle and everyone whoops and cheers as he nails it. Given the low numbers a few of us get multiple turns.

Throughout the show Mega Ran reveals facets of his life through stories and songs that recount significant moments or circumstances until the music stops and performance ends and everyone congratulates him on a job well done. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – whilst I’m not the biggest fan of ‘Ran’s music – his live performance is amongst the best I’ve seen and I’m tempted to venture out to the Hootenany in Brixton (London) this Saturday to relive the experience again.

Check out megaran.com for more information and stay tuned to theunheardnerd.com/podcasts for an interview recorded ahead of the gig soon.

Will Harrison

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Founder of The Unheard Nerd. A husband and father of two girls, Will is a fan of Nerdcore Hip-Hop, a comics fiend, a podcast host and champion of independent nerd culture. | Follow will on twitter: @TheUnheardNerd

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