Rare Apple sneakers will go to auction

Rare Apple sneakers will go to auction

A reportedly genuine pair of Apple Computers sneakers will go to auction this March and could fetch a small fortune. 

Apple sneakers? Apparently so. In the ’90s prototype Apple footwear was manufactured and distributed to staff. Few remain intact, but occasionally a pair will surface on auction sites.

Back in 2017 one such example was listed by Heritage Auctions on eBay. The shoes were in near immaculate condition. Heritage listed them with a $15,000 reserve, stating that the shoes were actually worth twice that amount. Reports suggest that they didn’t sell.

Roll on a few years and Heritage have listed another pair. Nowhere near as clean as the 2017 listing, this lot if for a late ’90s pair of Apple branded white sneakers with obvious signs of wear. Thought the shoes are in good repair there is evidence of discolouration and light scuffing. Probably not enough to deter that rare combination of Apple fanboy / sneaker head.

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Bidding starts in March this year, but a preview can be found on the Heritage Auctions website.

Think the auction company sounds familiar? Well done dear reader, you have been paying attention. They are the same auctioneers currently selling a super-rare Sony/Nintendo PlayStation prototype.

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