Real Hover Boards…Only Smaller!

Real Hover Boards…Only Smaller!

The hover Board, one of the most iconic props from the Back To The Future trilogy can finally be yours. It really hovers…but just don’t expect to be able to stand on it!

2015 is the thirtieth anniversary of the the original Back To The Future film starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. Expect to see many related items of merchandise this year to celebrate that fact including a DeLorean Iphone cover from Japan that makes the phone too big for your pocket!

The NeoLev company have just announced real hover boards that actually float in the air! But before you get to excited, they’re the same size as fingerboards (remember them? skateboards for your fingers!). As the press release states,

The NeoLev® Hover Board operates on the principle of Diamagnetic Levitation. Each NeoLev Levitating Board comes with a base which contains a special array of magnets (aka, “track’) which creates a repulsive force against the pyrolytic graphite board. The track has a slight bend akin to a half pipe allowing the board to oscillate back and forth for a very long time.

As you can see from the photos the base of the unit is quite large but who cares, I’d buy a bigger desk just to accommodate one! The sleek black finish of the base unit features laser engraved signatures from three key people involved with the Back To The Future films. They are Bob Gale (producer), Robert Zemeckis (director) and John Bell the graphic designer of the hover boards from Back To The Future Part II.

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The Signature Edition series will contain miniature versions of all five hover boards seen in Back To The Future Part II but unfortunately is limited to only 488 pieces.

It will retail for just under $70 and can be pre-ordered now at the official shop.

Do it now before you run out of time!

Press Release:

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