Rebel Scum, An Impressive Fan Short Set On Hoth

Rebel Scum, An Impressive Fan Short Set On Hoth

When the Rebel Alliance abandoned their base on Hoth one speeder pilot was left behind.

Produced by the Blood Brother Cinema Co. the filmmakers behind the Star Wars fan film Rebel Scum braved temperatures of -30 on location at Columbia Icefield (Athabasca Glacier) in Canada. The result is an impressive short fan film that follows the plight of a Rebel pilot whose Snowspeeder is shot down as the Alliance evacuates their base on the ice planet Hoth. Left with no escape plan the pilot contemplates suicide, but might just have one last surprise up his sleeve for the Empire yet.

Clever use of physical effects and stop motion with a touch of CGI come together to replicate the look and feel of The Empire Strikes Back. At times the lack of budget is evident, as AT-ATs don’t quite meet the ground in a natural way and certain plot devices are a little cheesy in places too – specifically the sentimentality associated with the pilot’s family which feels a little too emphasised and perhaps surplus to requirements. That aside Rebel Scum should be praised for faithfully, visually recreating the Star Wars universe on a fraction of the budget, creating an interesting and unique spin off from Empire, and providing a worthy ten minute short that most Star Wars fans will no doubt enjoy.

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Find out more about the project at the Blood Brother Cinema Co. website.


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