Red Dwarf: The Promised Land | Behind The Scenes

Red Dwarf: The Promised Land | Behind The Scenes

Graphic designer Matthew Clark offers a behind the scenes look at the latest instalment of Red Dwarf.

Red Dwarf, like any television production, is not cheap. However, despite what would seem like a huge amount of money to us, funds are strictly limited.

If you’ve seen any of the behind the scenes material for the previous series of Red Dwarf, you will have learned that the production team will try to save money at any opportunity.

Sets are very often stripped-down, reshaped and redressed to represent other locations. As you’ll see from this story, they’ve kept a lot of material from the last twenty years of Red Dwarf and old material is reused to bring the cost down.

Matthew Clark is a graphic designer who has worked on many TV and film productions including Black Mirror, Dr Who and Fast and the Furious 9.

In this long twitter thread, which is well worth your time if you’re a behind the scenes fan like me, Matthew goes into detail of how various sets were brought out of storage, redressed and updated with items which he, along with the art department, designed. There’s also some detail on the new props created for the show this year.

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Here’s the first tweet to get you started. Alternatively, here is the entire twitter thread encapsulated in an easier to read web page (via Thread reader).



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