Reebok release Colonial Marine ‘Bug Stompers’ for Alien Day

Reebok release Colonial Marine ‘Bug Stompers’ for Alien Day

Continuing a tradition maintained over several years, Reebok will release a new addition to their Alien Day series of footwear. This year focusing on Colonial Marines.

Starting in 2016, each year Reebok celebrate Alien Day (26th April) with the release of a new limited edition pair of sneakers. The first were replicas of the ‘Alien Stomper’ footwear worn by Ripley in the first of Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien’ films. Subsequent years have seen silhouettes that pay tribute to other key moments from the classic film franchise.

This year the shoe manufacturer have taken inspiration from the uniforms worn by the Colonial Marines in ‘Aliens’. Reebok have named the shoe the ‘U.S.C.M. Bug Stomper’:

“These futuristic shoes are inspired by the ones worn in a legendary 1986 science fiction movie. The iconic strap made them easy to slip on and off quickly for quick scene changes. Camouflage graphics and a “Bug Stomper” label give them an authentic vibe. The upper is made of a supple, full-grain leather.”

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Each pair comes with a number of touches fans of the classic sci-fi franchise will enjoy. Prominently the Reebok logo is altered to include the Weyland Yutani “W”. Graphics and slogans found on Hudson’s uniform in the film are incorporated into the design of the shoes. A clear hang-tag pays tribute to the marine’s dog-tags and the sockliner features U.S.S. Sulaco and U.S.C.M. Screaming Eagle patches.

One particularly nice touch is a QR code that allows the owner access to unreleased content from Titan Books’ ‘The Making of Aliens’ and ‘Alien: The Original Screenplay’ from Dark Horse Comics. The sneakers come packaged in a unique 3D box.

‘Bug Stompers’ go on sale on April 25th at 11pm at RRP £169.95. A wider range of apparel will also be released.

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